Fiction: Body Scissors 1a

    I sat down smiling, I thought it was impossible yet it was going to happen, a guy in love with his fiancée and a lady in love with her husband was ready to either fACk themselves till they get tired or make love till they fell asleep and I was there to document the whole show.

    The mood was set just as the rooms were filled with faithful individuals from the ten regions of Ghana coming together to release stress on their maiden WhatsApp group hung-out. They were ready, more than ready to make everything possible.

    The ladies own each of the five furnished rooms with all that is needed to make couples feel very comfortable and welcomed in a well built 5 master bedroom, kitchen, big living room, big swimming pool on a spacious compound located in Obo Kwahu.

    David and Rosemary walked into room one kissing and teasing each other’s body comfortably, so I needed to be comfortable and be professional too. I was prepared, had my condom on already yet I can never take my cloth off or join the action. My energy drink was with me to keep me active.

    They began smiling to each other whiles Rosemary plays with the amazing ‘como’ cock dick with her right hand. The dick seems heavy yet I felt she care less because she knew she will definitely achieve the purpose. David was hitting the exact notes on her moist sweet pair of breathing Ethiopian medium watermelon size pair of br3sts gladly.

    I felt that dick was still amazing to her because her fingers were trembling yet she needs to keep it going. In the group, Rosemary is one of the ladies who actually knows everything about s3x and orga$m so she needs to keep that perception active.

    “If you cum early like my husband, I will stub you, ”Rosemary said with smiles yet the feeling of threat was in.

    “I am glad I am not your husband, get ready for multiple orga$ms ”David said with smiles as he began kissing the thick lips of the young married lady

    Rosemary turned for her moist tender tailored a$$ for him to prepare her for the truthful journey. She raised her head, smiled and said

    “Let see what you can do with me”

    “Don’t be like my wife please” he said with a smile

    “I am never her”

    The two enjoyed the turn-up romance for a while as David kept exploring the curvy fair exclusive body of Mrs Rosemary Adjei.  Eeei sorry let me delete this and use the first name as promised. Rosemary danced romantically using the rhythm of her heartbeat whiles she had the dick in-between the imaginary line between both fresh tender buttocks.

    David slowly kissed lips making sure his fingers find the erected clitori$ of Rosemary from it hiding abode. He began teasing it with his right hand using all the five fingers to prepare Rosemary for suitable s3x. I began sweating because he was doing it right and the feedback from Rosemary was just fantastic.

    “Make me cum and I will cherish our friendship forever. I hope you read what I put in the group” She said as she held the dick high like it was her saviour depicted that she was about to worship and obey the dick with about 13 threads all over it.

    “Your wish is my command sexy sweet thing, ”he said as he breathe in and out heavily because his ball$ were in the warm mouth of Rosemary. I took my glasses off because I felt it was really preventing me to see what she was doing to the ‘como’ cock making David snap his fingers over and over again.

    She later focused on the hairy little- cute balls from Obo Kwahu, using her right hand to hold the long-thick dick as if she was playing oware. David began nodding when she swallowed the 20 centimetres dick with the balls. My mouth opened wide because it was not fiction ooooh.

    She began smiling because she was in a comfortable lead knowing he was at work, making him to cum early. She later borrowed slippery water from her mouth and began giving him the Jamaican touchy stroking.

    With a few seconds into the Jamaican touchy stroking, David began shouting and his very thick protein was all over the place. Rosemary was still on her knees smiling knowing she has taken the title from the guy who doesn’t normally chat in the group but famous in private.

    “I thought you said you are an extra guy, it’s obvious now, you did not penetrate self,” she said with smiles.

    David said nothing rather went for a towel from the washroom to clean his dick and amazingly it was still up and extremely hard. David made a few steps towards her but before he went for cold water from the fridge.

    “You must be kidding me, ”she said still looking very surprised just like I was. The guy just ejaculated yet he was still up and the ‘como’ cock dick was nodding.

    “I guess you know now, I am extraordinary.

    David said whiles pulling her up slowly. He began ki$$ing her for a while before he asked her to turn for her. She requested to take off her wedding ring but David declined saying he is also attached but BODY SCISSORS makes those relation invalid until Monday morning.

    “Oh yes, yes. I love that. Do it again. Rosemary said it faintly whiles winkling to me as she buried her face in between her legs.

    David pulled out his 20 centimetres ‘como’ cock dick again and slowly inserted it. I still do not know if what she said served as ecstasy or a motivational word but that gave David energy and he became extreme lively. He kept sucking the pair of bre$$ts whiles his left hand kept playing and massaging the clitori$ of the Mrs.

    “Baby, Fack me; fack me to forget my worries”


    To be continued

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