Fiction: Dripping Wet 1

    Initially, he was not comfortable but when I began stripping, he realized he might take blue balls home although he has paid already.

    Between PURPLE and I we knew our strength and weaknesses, also we have defined our various inputs and outputs. I am the beginner and PURPLE is the finisher.

    I walked to Billy with a sweet smile wearing only my blue g-string and my fruit of the loom blue bra. I was not ready but he was because he was staring and imagining what he needs to be experiencing from ICE-PURPLE.

    “Handsome, don’t let us down, it’s a moment you will never forget in your life”. I said while pulling him up from the bed.

    “It’s my first time for a threesome, hoping to make you ladies proud, ”Billy said sweetly as he kept his eyes fixed on the nippl3 which was smiling back at him from the bra.

    “No, no, no. We are here to satisfy you not the other way round. Our bodies are yours all the holes in us are yours including the a$$hole”.

    I said that and ended it with my lips glued to his. His lips were wet and cold like his fingers. We started slowly trying to see what the other will be bringing out. He was good with his lips and I was very good with mine too.

    We did our own thing trying to seek out deeds but after 2 minutes, his cold fingers easily took my bra off from my innocent super friendly pair of bre$$ts, which were breathing to be touched and sucked. His cold fingers danced on my welcoming medium watermelon pair of bre$$ts while the fingers teased my big tender nippl3s. I showered his lips and neck with a teasing kiss while he showered my two marvellous pairs of bre$$ts with kisses and passionate bites.

    I slowly took his clothes off and his underwear too to get things underway; funnily he had those same plans for me. I knelt down to give him a homecoming blow job but he quickly pulled me up, lead me to the bed with smiles.

    “Let share this with ourselves,” he said with a smile as he opens my leg to get a good view of my yet to be wet pu$$y.

    “I love your thoughts already, ”I said with a wink.

    He joins me on the bed, took over my pu$$y and making sure I own his angry dick too. When I got hold of his dick I smile because the veins were breathing. I showered a few kisses on his cute balls before beginning to tease the cock with my teeth.

    While I was sucking his long dick with passion and gladness, he was seriously planting extreme passion into me with his tongue and fingers. Billy was good and more of pu$$y specialist, he was doing all to my extremely reddish wet pu$$y and erect clitori$. I enjoyed it; it was the best out of 3 for the night. He was good; no, he was better with his tongue for the night.

    “Oh yeah, I love how you’re sucking the cock and playing with my ball-ball-balls, ”he says that any time I give him my squeezes -deep throat flashy.

    I was enjoying him but I said nothing because we were to entertain him to avoid ‘it sweet you – it sweet me’. PURPLE joined us from the washroom to turn the heart on and he loved it. He was ready to penetrate but PURPLE was dry so he needs to get her wet which he set up doing it in an extraordinary way because my twin sister was shouting.

    He had his face buried in PURPLE’s little pu$$y and made sure he gets her into the mood so we can be on the same level. While he was preparing PURPLE with his tongue, teeth and lips, I made sure he kept and sustained his er3ction so I was sucking, teasing and playing with his normal fresh long dick and balls.

    When we were all on the same page, ready to feel the penetration and possibly scream out of it, I ask him to relax on the bed, which he did. PURPLE sat on the red cock dick to serve the rich guy dinner in bed.

    “Waaoooo” PURPLE turned to me with a smile and I smiled back to her with a wink.

    “You are really warm and tight in there”. Billy said as he stammered, PURPLE has started her olord -riding making sure he has a deep penetration.

    I also went over him and made sure I sat on his face to enjoy his lips and tongue and I was not disappointed. That guy was good with his tongue as he fucked and teased me with his tongue. I loved it and I was enjoying it very much when I turned to see if my twin sister was having fun, I smiled because she was.

    PURPLE was winning very fast with her eyes while Bill teases that watermelon fresh tender pair bre$$ts. I enjoyed it because he was better than the first two clients who took us to the expensive hotel yet ejaculated too early before p3n3trating.

    I am really good but PURPLE is exceptionally better with riding, it became obvious when she used me as a support. Billy began shouting, ignoring the task I have given him. PURPLE bounced and twisted until he begged her to slow down.

    I was scared he might have a heart attack like Frimpong, RayJay and Kwabena Sarfo. If he dies, I care less because he is not a family member but I was concern about my orga$m. He was our third for the night but PURPLE and I came dried out of it so I signalled my sister to stop.

    He requested for doggy so both of us went low for him and I did not regret allowing him to do that with his long dick. His timing was very good too; it was equally giving and receiving. I yearned and screamed because it felt so sweet although it was not my kind of a dick.

    I got up to increase his sensation while he enjoys his doggy with PURPLE. I kissed him for a while before he requested for my left bre$$t. He sucked and teased the nippl3 until I began to leak. He is surely a nippl3-guy too because I do not normally leak rapidly like that. It felt he had honey in his mouth glazed with a little drop of fresh milk.

    PURPLE got up after signalling me to go and rest on the bed raising and spreading my legs wide to swallow his all. When he p3n3trated, I felt creation of joy in me because I was ready for him. I was ready for his long water holes dick and I was ready for his deep p3n3tration. PURPLE knelt down behind him to extend her greetings to his hairy balls.

    He rocked my night, I even forgot the bad time with the two fools. He made me feel it and I realized why PURPLE loves long and thick dicks. He was précised as he kept thrusting faster and teasing my clitor3s with his left fingers while he fingers PURPLE with the right.

    I was glad because I knew I was surely going to cum so PURPLE and I will be on the same level. I closed my eyes to think about him so I will not be left hanging. Thinking about him alone gets me wet; I was wet already and enjoying sweet long dick. After appreciating him in my head to get ready to get there, he shouted

    “I am cumin, I am cumin”

    PURPLE quickly turned him, slot the dick into her mouth and made him drained all his protein into her mouth. He was surprised but got more shocked when PURPLE swallowed the protein with gladness.

    “Thank you, ladies, it was a great adventure,” He said with a smile

    PURPLE slapped him twice for him to fall on the bed before saying “next time you should think about the lady too”

    “Why did you do that?” he asked still looking surprised

    “Ask a relevant question or you will regret stripping naked,” I said with anger.

    “You girls are crazy”

    “Am glad you know that and you will experience it soon if you don’t make us cum ”PURPLE said

    “Does that mean I have another shot?”

    “Oh yes, you do have more than one, ”I said with a smile

    “God is great. Please introduce yourselves again”

    “I am ICE the romance Goddess,” I said with a smile.

    “I am PURPLE” she smiled, she wants hers to be a mystery.

    To be continue……

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