Fiction: God Lies? 1

    I was in front of Supreme Court justices, not less than three continents were watching my trial live and I knew I was innocent, some knew who I am; they knew I am innocent; very innocent.

    I have been innocent before I was I arrested, kidnapped or adopted. Yet, I tried to comfort myself that I was in the wrong place at the right time.

    I said it but no one listened, I tried writing it but they were busy interpreting my tattoos. I was the saviour, I did it all for them yet they acted like a man and the Lord watched it happen to me.

    He made me feel I was part of the bigger plan, he gave me all and I shared all with family and friends, strangers and enemies, far and near.

    He could have made them see it, felt it or even experience it but no. he even helped them to kill the only person, the only man on earth who seems to give me a chance, who felt I needed to be listened to. I was not the bad person but even if I am, why kill the right person in his sleep whiles serving his time painfully in a cage?

    God lies and he kept pretending he cares for all, he knows for that portion he is weak yet we believe he is that sweet father to all. I was wrong and I feel whatever in the book I believed it was inspired by the Holy Spirit was all wrong. Yes, he sees all but, why he helped take away the only chance I had from me and even smiled with fulfilment.

    They said my lawyers are barristers, they win cases, and they have never lost a single case yet and will never lose a case. My six barristers ignored my truth, the truth that will set me free and the truth that could have made them superhumans on earth because the world was against the seven of us. I was not glad having them to represent me because I did not ask for their services.

    I was only because God structured it to make me suffer, and welcomed my faith after my friend died in his sleep but I still don’t think God does accept the truth about Himself and His actions. They acted well with the Attorney General and the 8 lawyers for the state too. I saw it, it was obvious but God and His son helped them not to see it from my point of view even though I had one damaged eye.

    I felt they knew I was innocent yet I was there. We all knew the verdict yet they try as if they care all because people were making thousands of cedis seeing me being trialled. I was at the mercies of the constitution yet it ignored my human right.

    Justice Akuamoah was one of my three million loyal fans yet he crucified me in front of the camera; Ghana was against me because the man they said I killed was exceptional and loved by all. He won the election with ninety-one per cent (91%) although he was an independent candidate.

    They wanted me to be aggressive on the last day to add more value to their plans but the injection they gave me rather calmed me down that day not because it was the wrong one or wrong dose but and perhaps too much of everything was bad. My system was used to that drug and anything that comes with it.

    I was still in jeans shorts because the Attorney General and my lawyers agreed upon it and told the court and the world I hated to wear a shirt. All because they want the world to see the names of the people I have ‘killed’ or going to kill tattooed all over my body.

    There were 99 names tattooed on my body, thirty-three killed, forty missing and the rest were my future targets. A few of the names yet for me to cancel was the current president and his family, the vice and the family, twelve high and supreme court judges and some people I do not even know.

    I am an animal right activist and they knew yet I was the Darkness. I was bleeding in the courtroom because of an attack when I was being taken to the courtroom yet no one helped me out; I was that ugly monster even Satan might reject.

    I was not trying to prove any point yet they made me proved it forcefully and I could not control it. I had not less than 300 tattoos on my body yet I had no idea how it came to my body although the claimed tattoo designer came to testy against me. They say the tattoos were vivid yet I had no chance of seeing it on my body yet it was on the social media, print media, the radio and the TV.

    I am a successful musician but now I am the successful assassin who killed the president, his family and twelve of his guards. My voice was my gun and my lyrics were my bullets. I have seen guns yet I have not held one before yet the world knew me to be the assassin who used 24 short guns to weed out lives from earth. Everything was out there, nothing was classified per their act, so I was breaking social media records; my videos broke youtube all-time record.

    I needed to cry, I tried to cry but nothing came out. My facial and it expressions confirm the story they were telling. Just imagine a man without a lower lip, damaged eye and almost damaged eyes with tattoo all over the body and face. I looked dangerous, very dangerous.

    They took 99% of my soft spot and managed to put something in me so my emotions towards everything were unbalanced since day one. However, I was that musician who sang and cried on stage for over nine million Ghanaians to share tears with me.

    I knew him, he was my friend and I was his role model. I aid him to win the election but he spent only six months in the presidential palace. I funded his campaign just I did to the other 3 political parties but here I was being crucified to have killed my best friend.

    God was watching, His son was watching and his Throne was bearing witness to what was happening to me. I had not less than two hundred ‘men of God’ visiting me yet none of them could hear me. God could have just changed everything but he did not.

    I built churches and two mosques yet He was not grateful; He did not keep my home although I kept his. They worshipped in those temples and mosques yet no one prayed for me or came out boldly that they do not believe in the accusations; God is just as they say.

    The five justices; Justice Appiah, Justice Akosua Dankwa, Justice Akuamoah, Justice Doris Nortey and Justice Suleman Ibrahim all came from their chambers with a straight-wicked face to tell the world the obvious lies and to crucify innocent man whose family had declared him missing for 14 days. I was invisible in front of the truth and in front of my family, crew and the law. I thought I was powerful, I forgot every boss has a boss. I was going to be sentenced to death in the ultra-modern court I built for the state.

    My wife, my three daughters, my foundation, the schools I built for the people I am taking care of knew me to be an angel yet God did not make anyone recognized me. I had riches and worth yet I ate once a week not because I wanted to but because they wanted me to lose weight. I had potbelly then but within 15 days, I had twelve packs.

    I am not violent yet my legs, hands, waist and neck were all in chains. I knew I was the only one being accused yet there was not less than two thousand security service personnel outside. The fake stories from the prison travelled very fast. I was in isolation yet; the media reported that I have killed 8 prison guards, 18 visitors, 4 young lawyers and 171 inmates.

    To be continue

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