Fiction: Lips 1

    Not because I am a s3x addict or loves quickies, he was just good with his fingers. That made all the people around invisible because I was in the perfect mood and enjoying the perfect touches. I felt ready because my pu$$y was extremely wet as I felt the juice crawling down my sweaty smooth dark left thigh.

    He thought I was so drunk from taking 9 shots of whisky though my behaviour and dancing gave me out, the shots tasted like I had taken Lipton.

    I was more into the act but he was into it than I am. His eyes were red like he just swallowed a hot Banku and his heartbeat could be heard although K. K Fosu’s song was being played aloud.

    He was ready to fACk me and I was ready to get fACked and fACked him back. That dick of him felt like it was in the right place at the right time for me and for my tight wet yearning breathing pu$$y.

    I love kissing but I enjoyed his fingering to the max, he was good and almost perfect with his long thick fingers. Anytime he pushed all the middle finger into me, I bring out a new dance move. He will hold me, smile and kissed me passionately. I was more than ready on the dance floor because the brushing of my erected clitor3s got me extremely ready to put him down, sit on that ‘odogo-dick’ and serve myself well.

    Naughty Nude nightclub provided that yearn because the lights were all dimmed and most of the people on the dance floor was at it. The moment I felt one finger first then two, I knew it should happen so I could not wait for what might happen next happen naturally.

    The washroom is always my thing so I made that suggestion when my hand was in his boxer shorts playing with his balls and teasing his leaking cock. The feeling was deep so for once I felt he was a British tourist in Bukom dancing with the rhythm of ‘kpanlogo‘. He said nothing rather his eyes and his hard-core erected dick gave him out so he followed me to the ladies washroom with my g-string in his pocket.

    When we got there, a few of the ladies were there to make themselves comfortable but I was there to get a job done. We began kissing and gradually the few girls left because they were uncomfortable with the whole act seeing his fingers in my juicy ready tight wet hole.

    My firm big pair of Ewe bre$$ts was out from one of its abode, one was in his warm mouth and the other was enjoying the sweet teasing on the tender erected nippl3. I took control of the act immediately; I knew I only have that one chance to fulfil that purpose.

    I nailed him on the wall then slowly slipped my hand into his boxers to tease him more because he seemed to be enjoying my fingers as I use his leaking slippery water to aid the act. He was shaking and I said in my mind, ‘I have not begun yet’. I started to kiss him too and it worked because as usual, men love to be treated like kings but sweet er3ction makes them forget about their crown.

    He was smooth as if he knew I loved that, his long fingers gently tease every nerve in my pu$$y and I began to shake in my 4 inches high heels raising it high as I sit on the water closet. That priceless sensation rushed up and I nearly screamed out. He really knows how to finger out golden feelings from a golden pu$$y.

    So I got up, kneeled in front of him, pulled that crazy dick out with a smile because I was going to make him scream his saviour’s name before the deep p3n3tration from my riding. I even imagined myself sitting on it although I will be doing that before I tell him to keep my pant as a souvenir.

    First, I gave his cock a kiss before showering both the balls and the angry dick with priceless kisses. Then I began slowly on his red soft cock. I decided not to try to look at him when I began my Volta blowjob yet I knew what will definitely happen. I was precise, extreme and generous with my warm mouth and cold fingers.

    His feet trembled, his knees cracked, his heartbeat increased and his will left him, I was sucking the juice out of his dick like a hungry baby-sucking bre$$t. The 7 minutes Volta blowjob established everything, I was set but lacking behind because it was all about him.

    I gave him a deep throat and he also fACked my mouth very well making me yearn to ride on him that moment. I needed more of his fingers in my gradually drying pu$$y but that seemed not important anymore because the deep throat blowjob was all he needed that moment; he was the boss.

    Well, he was not different like the rest because he kept welcoming Jesus, saying shit over and over again before the good news. He began calling me baby over and over again anytime I suck the juice out of his dick and played with his two cute balls.

    For a moment, I was carried away because I just fell in love with his dick. Gush the guy was huge, long and healthy. The strength kept increasing after 7 minutes but his legs were failing him. That dick was packed with joy to suck and the tiny juice coming out of it was sweet.

    I sucked him for 15 minutes till it was all over; he was glowing in his happiness so I knew I had done well. However, he was shocked when I swallowed his juicy protein with gladness. I took a tissue and water to clean his calm relaxing dick and later put it back to its previous glorious abode because I do not want him to get into trouble with his wife.

    Oh yea, he was wearing his wedding ring and I just did not give a fACk about it, I wanted that moment and he needed that. I smiled back and thank him but he was surprised I did that but I am the only person who knows why.

    “Baby, why thanking me?” he asked with a smile.

    ‘I enjoyed your hands in my g-string, how you teased my clitoris and how you woke up my dead nerves.

    “Anyway I am Gold; nice meeting you and you can keep the g-string in your pocket,” I said calmly with passion, seductive attitude and I kissed him after that.

    “I am…”

    I interrupted him and continued, you said you are Tony at the bar. He will wonder how but it will be too late to realise he never gave out his name in during our two minutes conversation at the bar before I asked him to dance with me.

    “How much?” He asked as he reached for his wallet with smiles

    “It’s free, you never p3n3trated, good night Tony and nice meeting you” I walked out smiling because I got it done.

    I know he will be wondering what the hell hit him because out of nowhere he got served with the hottest passionate blow job ever, but what he never realised was nothing free comes from me. I don’t deal with money rather gold rings. But, when will he realised he is not wearing his?

    I am Gold; I collect wedding rings from unfaithful and daring husbands who believe they can always stick their er3cted owned dick into a different pu$$y. After serving them in my own world I will exhibit their rings with the pictures I paid Click to snap so I can have exclusive and upload all onto my website every Sunday night.


    To be continued…….

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