Fiction: The Teacher 1a

    Kelvin was still standing smiling whiles his erection kept growing and glowing in seconds. His fiancée has those same qualities yet he was not blinking, he has even forgotten he was holding a glassful of none alcoholic wine.

    “Baby, why?” Naa smiled as she took two steps towards him for him to have a vivid look at her extra large rounded Chinese orange like a firm dark pair of bre$$ts with tailored medium size of nippl3s staring back at him.

    “Are we going to have s3x?” Kelvin asked as he quickly emptied his glass afterwards and began licking his lips.

    “Are you not finding my body attractive or you doing want to p3n3trate my fleshy v-pu$$y in this white g-string you wish to remove?” Naa took three steps backwards but that never reduced the heartbeat of the groom to be tomorrow.

    “No-no-no. I wished but….”

    “…you feel you are going to cheat on your bride to be. Naa took four gorgeous steps towards him before removing those tempting boobs from the sleek bra. I thought you boys always say a man is always faithful until he is caught?” Naa begins to kiss him and without hesitation, he replied for a few seconds before withdrawing.

    “Yes but….” He looks guilty yet his er3ction was still on.

    “I have stopped giving out emergency tutorials even if the money is good but the person who referred you to me has been very generous to me. You accepted and signed the terms and conditions before driving me to this place”

    “Sorry Naa, I am just uncomfortable. Hahahhah, yet I still have my er3ction on; isn’t it funny. I am ready baby lets do it” he said with a smile as he took two steps to get very close to Naa who was still smiling. He kissed her passionately for a while.

    “Wooow, you are learning very fast. That was a sweet smooth kiss and I loved how you held my neck and played with my nippl3s. Own my body perfectly because for now, it is yours”

    “I have a better teacher” Kelvin smiles as he kissed her on the forehead, ”she said with a wink.

    “I have a good teacher that is why?” he said as he coiled his arms around her waist.

    “Then why are you still er3cted for the past 13 minutes and fucking me in your mind too? If you read carefully, you will be aware that immediately you get er3cted if or not the lady is with you, your chance of being in that pu$$y you want to chew for long reduces. But you can use rule 13(b2)”

    “Hahahahah that is the idea for now because I still can’t calm my er3ction; you have it all.

    13(b2) says: ‘never rush on a pu$$y that is going to be yours for a particular moment; satisfy the moment, not you.

    Rule 10(a): do not fACk the pu$$y you intend to keep rather cherish the body and it for penetration only complements a good romance.

    “Let me see how you are going to put what you read into practice and don’t forget rule 1(c2)

    “Every lady considers the first round than any of the rounds. The first determine what next so try to make her cum no matter what don’t cum before her”

    To be continue

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